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Most of us eat day in day out without giving a second thought to consider the wetitleh of history and culture that shapes our dinig habits and taste preferences. Our recipes, menus, ceremonies, and etiquette are directly shaped by our country’s rich immigrant experience, the history and innovations of food preparation technology, and the ever-changing availability of key ingredients.

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Want to know more about FOOD in America? Check out this complete listing of books and other materials for adults, children, and everyone in between!
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Get the scoop on all the ways you can teach American history with these specific lessons, extracted from the teacher's guide, and created especially for this Museum on Main Street exhibition.

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Created especially for the Key Ingredients exhibition, the full teacher's guide, along with National Teacher Standards, goes in depth to explore this little-known topic in American History. » Full Teacher's Guide

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Take this cool scavenger hunt with you to the exhibition, or get ideas about turning objects and history into search and find adventures. » Scavenger Hunt